*Denotes equal contribution

*Ramos, Guilherme A., *Yan Vieites,  Eduardo B. Andrade, Carlos Pereira, and Amanda Medeiros (2021). “Can Self-Protective Behaviors Increase Unrealistic Optimism? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 27(4), 621–631.

*Ramos, Guilherme A., *Yan Vieites, Jorge Jacob, and Eduardo B. Andrade (2020). Political Orientation and Support for Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Public Administration, 54, 697-713.

Working Papers

Ramos, Guilherme A., Yan Vieites, and Eduardo B. Andrade, “In Search of Moderation: How Counter-Stereotypical Endorsers Attenuate Polarization Over Consumption-Related Policy Issues” - under review

Furst, Rodrigo, Rafael Goldszmidt, Eduardo B. Andrade, Yan Vieites, Bernardo Andretti, and Guilherme A. Ramos, “Longitudinal Attenuation in Political Polarization: Evidence from COVID-19 Vaccination Adherence in Brazil” - Revise & Resubmit

Ramos, Guilherme A.*, Wayne Johnson*, Eric VanEpps, and Jesse Graham, “When Consumer Decisions are Moral Decisions: Moral Foundations Theory and its Implications for Consumer Psychology” - under review

Ramos, Guilherme A.*, Larissa Elmor*, Yan Vieites, Bernardo Andretti, and Eduardo B. Andrade, “Sustainability Considerations, or Lack Thereof, in Consumer Decision Making” - under review

Vieites, Yan, Bernardo Andretti, Guilherme A. Ramos, Larissa Elmor, and Eduardo B. Andrade, “Misperceptions of Ecological Footprint Inequality" - under review

Petherick, Anna, Guilherme A. Ramos, Rodrigo Furst, Rafael Goldszmidt, and Eduardo B. Andrade, “Sociopolitical Polarization Reductions After Elections Are Similar in Extent to Correcting Misperceptions about Controversial Policies” - under review

Priolo, G., Federica Stablum, Martina Vascondio, [...], Guilherme A. Ramos, et al., “The Robustness of Mental Accounting: A Global Perspective” - under review

Selected Work in Progress

Ramos, Guilherme A. and Leaf van Boven, “Analytical Thinking Reduces Partisan Bias in the Sharing of Fake News

Van Boven, L., Guilherme A. Ramos, David Sherman, Ellen Peters, Heejung S. Kim, and David Markowitz, “Analytic Ecosystems Increase Adherence to Vaccine Public Health Guidance”